What is a Bio-Digestor Toilet?

E. P. Kamat Group’s Bio-Digestor toilet is a unique sanitation technology which provides complete breakdown of human waste at all scales. With DRDO certified technology, Inoculum bacteria deactivates 99% of pathogens under anaerobic conditions, being easily operable in even extreme weather conditions. The only by-products are water, which is fit for gardening, and odourless gas. Only one bacterial inoculation and this system can degrade even detergents and phenyl. It gives us immense pleasure in being the sole TOT holders present in Goa, bringing this Clean, Green and futuristic sanitation solution to Goa.

Why Bio-Digestor Toilets?

With the cutting-edge technology of DRDO, benefits of the Bio-Digestor toilet are many; some of these benefits are:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduction of space usage by 40-70%
  • Wide applicability in varying climatic conditions and usage
  • Simple design and construction
  • Maintenance Free and no recurring costs
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Reduction in organic waste by 99%