Epkamat Group is a leading fire doors supplier in Kolhapur, providing superior-quality fire doors that ensure exceptional safety and security for your buildings. Fire is a significant threat to any type of property – residential, commercial and industrial. When it comes to protecting these spaces, there is only so much a fire extinguisher can do. Fire strategies have to be in place to safeguard the occupants of your home or commercial property as well as essential possessions, equipment, documents, etc. In addition to standard detection equipment like smoke detectors and fire alarms, you should also consider a fire-rated door. The fire-rated door will protect your premises, ensure that the fire doesn’t spread and is contained in one area.

Fire Rated Doors

What is a Fire Door?

As the name suggests, Fire Rated Doors act as a barricade to smoke and fire. They are designed and installed to protect lives and properties, as fire incidents many a time cause severe injuries and/or death. Fire doors are manufactured and assembled as a ‘Door Set’, which include the door shutter, hardware and fixing procedure on site as per standards. Fire doors installed in buildings must adhere to IS 3614, Part 2, BS 476, Parts 20 and 22 as per NBC Building regulations. Such doors are then ready to pass through three tests of Insulation, Integrity and Stability, ensuring constant safety of inhabitants in the event of a fire breakout.

Other Products

CIS Cable Coating: CIS is a toxin-free, environment-friendly, protective and fire-resistant coating applied to power cables, which when exposed to fire provides insulation through a mild intumescent action. This protective layer rapidly decreases spreading of fire across the surface of cables, in turn ensuring cables remain functioning for a specified time period. Such systems are vitally important in situations where continuous supply of power is of critical importance.

Fire Rated Partitions: Such partitions and external walls are used to separate buildings, enclose compartments and contain fire by providing a barrier on fire and its movement. These partitions qualify for each of the relevant fire resistance criteria i.e. Integrity, Insulation and Load Bearing Capacity from either side for a stipulated time period. Application of Calcium Silicate boards covers both non load-bearing and load-bearing structures in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and high-rise constructions, or even in restoration of existing buildings. Our internal partition systems require less material compared to industry standards to achieve the same fire resisting level, with overall reduced installation costs.

Why a Fire Door?

A proper fire door has the following minimum qualities:
• Works as a normal door
• Provides easy exit access to occupants in the event of a fire
• Prevents spreading of fire and smoke by sealing shut
• Meets requirements of international and local building codes


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