With the daily advancements happening around us, our consumption of non-biodegradable products is increasing. Even after knowing the fact that it is hazardous for our nature and for the mankind as well, we tend to continue with our daily life.

So what if we switch to something that is environment friendly and at the same time durable? The answer is FRP!

So, what is FRP? FRP known as Fibre Reinforced Polymer are the products that are made of versatile, man-made composite materials. They are rapidly becoming popular around the world, making them a sustainable substitute since it is a composite material made of a polymer matrix strengthened with fibres.

Now, the question arises of why the need for FRP products?

FRP composites are lightweight, non-corrosive, exhibit high specific strength and stiffness and are easy to construct. Such products also help in cutting expenses on labour and installation. Since FRP based products hardly require much maintenance, they present a longer and yet more efficient service life.

FRP products also reduce environmental impacts. Here is how they do it.

FRP has great potential in maximising the duration of existence as well as new structures that can resist the harsh effects of weathering, degradation, and aging in severe environments. The best part is that FRP can be recycled and so, various recycling techniques can be implemented to develop different components.

The most interesting aspect is the composition. FRP is made of a sandwich structure. Since each component by itself is relatively weak and flexible, when combined in a sandwich panel, they produce a stiff, strong yet light-weight structure which provides a rigid and highly effective structure.

Also, know that FRP products are always easy for installation. This means that they can be fixed in any other composites, making them the ideal choice for any type of aesthetic look that needs to be achieved.

It is astonishing to know that such a simple composite can be used in so many various composites and can be used in various day to day products. These include doors, security cabins, dustbins, garden benches and much more. So, if you plan on switching to these products or would want to know more about them then, do visit- https://epbiocomposites.com/frp-doors/https://epbiocomposites.com/frp-allied-products/